The second trimester of pregnancy

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Luckily, the second trimester had nothing to do with the struggles and challenges I experienced during the first trimester. On the contrary, I can even proudly admit that I have enjoyed pretty much every single day of it!

My belly has been growing with a higher pace and people started noticing that I was pregnant. As my belly did not become too big and heavy to carry, I could often go out and spend time with friends and family, an activity that was almost unbearable during the first trimester.

It could have been the hormones, but the second trimester has been a very blissful period. While during the first trimester I was often wondering what I got myself involved in, I felt quite invincible during the last three months. I was riding on a cloud of happy thoughts and positive emotions and there was hardly anything that could rock my “sunny boat”.

Here it comes, the highlights of the past three months:

The feeling of being invincible

I felt like there is nothing I couldn’t do or achieve during the last couple of months. At work I was enjoying the craziness of the business quarter of the year — running from a meeting to another, juggling more than 20 client implementations at the same time. Luckily, I was bearing the fruits of a job I am already quite experienced in and I didn’t experience any frustration or stress which wouldn’t have been very healthy for the growing baby.

At home I could finally take care of myself again. Activities like cleaning the house and doing the groceries were no longer as challenging as I experienced them during the first three months.

Goodbye nausea, welcome appetite

I am so glad that I could finally feel the taste of food again!

Perhaps as a result of my increase in energy I could cook delicious meals for myself as well as treat myself with various meals in restaurants. Now that I think about it, it might have been exactly the ability to eat again that got me back on my feet. No matter what it was, I am simply glad that I could finally have a more or less normal life again.

Blooming social life

After being stuck at home for the first three months, I definitely managed to catch up with my social interactions: shopping, going for a walk, having lunches and dinners with friends, hosting events at home and attending various kinds of events outside home. I felt like I was on the top of the world! I even managed to attend my public speaking course again!

When in doubt whether I should stay home or go out, I gently reminded myself that a spontaneous dinner with friends on a Friday evening will not be on my agenda for quite some years to come, so why say no when I am still able to do it?!

Minor inconveniences

There were a few times that I experienced minor inconveniences like waking up in the middle of the night, wide awake and full of energy. Luckily these occurrences did not last longer than two weeks, so they didn’t manage to annoy or exhaust me too much.

Due to sudden drops in sugar levels or blood pressure, I did fait once during our quarterly meeting at work and once during our flight to Bulgaria for Christmas. It wasn’t anything serious as I am used to these conditions and I know how to handle the situation without suddenly falling down and causing a big drama. All in all, compared to the first three months, there was nothing worth complaining about.

Now I understand why some women enjoy being pregnant — the extra attention and the excitement and anticipation of what’s to come have certainly made this trimester special.

What’s in it for you?

No matter whether you are a pregnant woman coping with the inconveniences or excitement of pregnancy or you are currently going through a rough time at work or at home, I hope this article will give you hope that a better time will come.

Just a few months ago I couldn’t even imagine that life can be good again and now I can hardly remember how tough it was during the first three months. Funny, right?

Nothing bad nor great will ever last forever. Realizing this can encourage us to be even more resilient when we are experiencing challenges as well as to appreciate the phases in our lives when everything is just about right.

Goodbye second trimester, whatever happens next I will be forever grateful for your warmth and serenity.

Hello third trimester, I know you will be though and heavy but please be as merciful/lenient as you can be.




Next to my full time job as a Project manager in an IT company, I love reading and writing about self-improvement and life lessons. Blog:

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Neli Mesyova

Neli Mesyova

Next to my full time job as a Project manager in an IT company, I love reading and writing about self-improvement and life lessons. Blog:

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